Professional Brands

E Kyriakides Lighting Ltd competes for major buildings both in the public and private sectors, offices, warehouses, hotels, street lighting and floodlighting projects along with smaller to medium projects like shops, retail outlets, accommodation buildings. Our team of highly trained lighting engineers work closely with architects, interior designers, electrical and consulting offices providing professional lighting solutions for any type of project. Our company delivers a full range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting options, specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings including industry-leading LED technology.

Artecta, Netherlands: Affordable LED solutions.
Astro, UK: Complete range of lights for residential and hospitality sector, including bathroom lighting.
C Luce, Italy: Quality technical and industrial lighting fittings for indoor and outdoor installations.
Dael, Portugal: Manufacturer of lighting columns and towers.
Flos, Italy: Lighting design collections made of iconic and innovative lamps for architectural lighting.
Francesconi, Italy: Full range of outdoor architectural lighting fittings.
Intra Lighting, Slovenia: Architectural luminaires and smart lighting solutions.
Leds-C4, Spain: Exterior and Interior affordable lighting solutions.
Lena Lighting, Poland: Commercial and Industrial lighting at competitive prices.
Lival, Finland: Efficient and economical lighting solutions for the retail sector.
Lucifero's, Italy: A well-known company for high quality architectural lighting.
Lux-May, Spain: Technical and industrial economical lighting fittings.
ONOK, Spain: Quality recessed spotlights and architectural lights.
Petrel, UK: Hazardous Area Lighting and Control Equipment.
Prolicht, Austria: Architectural lighting profiles and luminaires of high quality and design.
PXF Lighting, Poland: Architectural and commercial inexpensive lighting fittings.
Relco Group, Italy: A well-known manufacturer of lighting components, bulbs and luminaires.
Sécurlite, France: A company specializing in security lights.
Side, Italy: Technical luminaires for Indoor and Outdoor installations.
Simes, Italy: A consolidated company dedicated to the design and production of superior outdoor lighting fittings.
Sylvania: A well-known group of companies for lighting fixtures and bulbs with innovative solutions in LED lighting.
Thorn, UK: A well-known manufacturer of commercial and industrial luminaires.
TM Technologie, Poland: Emergency lighting solutions at competitive prices.
Wever & Ducre, Belgium: Trendy decorative luminaires.
Zumtobel, Austria: Internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions.